At OPP Fitness, we serve clients ranging from beginners to high-performance athletes to build strength, expand range of motion, surpass previous performances, and recover from injuries. I design a custom plan to help you burst through your current level of functioning and thrive in your activities, sports, and daily life. Using a comprehensive approach that involves individualized movement, weight resistance, and cardiovascular training, our clients progress from walking to running, sitting to squatting, and carrying groceries to lifting challenging weights. Whether you are an athlete wanting to get over the finish line faster or you are a person looking to feel stronger and increase your daily movement, OPP Fitness has the solution for you.​

The OPP Method which stands for Optimal Personal Performance, is designed to help you reach and maintain the best fitness and health version of yourself.

  1. Intake & Assement – Review your goals and motivation, and assess your fitness to establish a baseline.
  2. Individualized Programming – Building a personalized fitness plan based of your goals and needs: mobility, flexibility, movement, strength, and endurance.
  3. Accountability & Reassessment – Maximizing your personalized plan to create optimal fitness through regular check ins and reassessing your fitness.


Clients have flourished in these areas:

  • Strength that can actually be used in everyday life
  • Building muscle endurance & heart health
  • Recovering from injuries
  • Setting new personal athletic bests
  • Reducing stiffness, increasing flexibility, & expanding range of motion to feel 10 years younger



Jay is an exceptional person in all aspects of life. He is very knowledgeable in regards to nutrition and exercise. He is highly motivating and is one of the major reasons I have lost 50lbs and am able to maintain it. Also my love of working out comes from him. Having him as my trainer was one of the most enjoyable times of my life.

Betsy C, Purchasing Agent