Personal Training

One-on-One, In Person

1-on-1 60-minute in-person personal training sessions.
(in your home or private studio)

10-session or 5-session packages.

Personal Training & Custom Self-Workout Plan

One-on-One + Training Plans

1-on-1 60-minute in-person training sessions and custom training plan.

10-session or 5-session packages with additional workouts to do on your own.

Semi-Independent Plan

Monthly Plans designed for YOU.

1-on-1 60-minute in-person personal training sessions and custom self-workout plan.

2-3 sessions in the beginning of the month to learn the training plan that you will do on your own.
(ideal for non-beginners)

Independent Plan

Monthly, Custom

Monthly custom self-workout plan, accessory work, and 30-minute check-in call to help you reach your optimal personal performance.

(This service is best for highly motivated individuals who are familiar with a lot of exercises and proper form.)

Virtual Training Plan

One-on-One, Virtual

1-on-1 60-minute personal training sessions on a virtual media platform where you can train in the comfort of your own home or when you are away.


Jay is a high-energy, creative, challenging personal trainer. Anyone who hires him is lucky to have his enthusiasm and expertise. I strongly recommend Jay.

Lisa S, Professor




Locations: Roslindale, Needham, Your Home and Remote

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