Resistance band training is a great idea for anyone looking to get in shape. In many ways, resistance bands are the jack of all trades when it comes to fitness equipment. Below are 7 reasons why you should have resistance bands and incorporate resistance band training into your routine. You’ll also find a few great starter exercises to get you started on resistance band training.

  1. They build strength. Resistance bands can be used to help build your strength in key areas like your upper body, core, and lower body without the need to use weights.
  2. They improve mobility and flexibility in the upper and lower body by easily being incorporated into your stretching and cooldown routines. Resistance bands greatly enhance your range of motion when stretching.
  3. They help with rehabilitation and recovery from injuries and ailments, particularly in the shoulder, knee, hip and other key areas often prone to injury because we don’t stretch them out enough, or can’t stretch them properly without the help of resistance bands.
  4. The assist movement by making it easier to progress with certain exercises over time (e.g. chin-up, pull up, dips).
  5. They increase the safety of your workout by reducing the impact on joints and lowering the rate of injury in weight training.
  6. They can create a challenge by attaching them to dumbbells and barbells, providing more resistance during your workouts.
  7. Lastly, they are affordable. And not only that, they are easy to store and take up hardly any room in a home or apartment. Seriously, what’s not to like about resistance bands and resistance band training?

Want to know more? Check out the variety of bands and exercises you can do below (and these are just to name a few.)

  1. Power resistance bands

Front squat


Overhead press




Bicep curl

Exercise Variety

Exercises for Every Muscle Group

2. Tube resistance bands with handles

Chest press

Kneeling row

Upright row


Ab rotation


Triceps kickback

Workout Guide

35 Exercises

3. Rubber mini bands



Lateral walk

Monster walk

Knee driver

Lat pulldown

Triceps overhead extension

21-Day Challenge

30-Day Workout

4. Fabric hip circle bands

Hip circle squats

Hip thruster

Glute kickback

Kneeling squats

Glute Exercises

Advance Exercises

5. Therapy resistance bands

Internal & external shoulder rotation

Bent-over row

Seated row

Lateral & front raise

Hamstring stretch

Quad stretch

Shoulder Exercises

Total Body Stretching Routine

6. Figure 8 bands

Chest press

Shoulder press

Reverse fly

Hip abduction

Hip extension

Other workouts