The OPP Fitness Method: Optimal Personal Performance Beyond Personal Training

It is the “how” of the training that sets OPP Fitness apart. OPP Fitness delivers licensed training and coaching designed around the busy lives of working professionals. Our clients realize that time is valuable, and they want a strong return on the time and resources they invest in their fitness. We recognize that fitness journeys require a different roadmap for each traveler. That’s why the OPP Method starts with establishing a baseline to measure overall fitness. From that foundation, we are able to work with each client to discover and prioritize the aspects of fitness that can most improve individual health and maximize their fitness potential, Optimizing Personal Performance.

OPP Fitness clients receive more than top-level personal training from a licensed professional–they get a customized roadmap to achieve their fitness goals and become more physically functional people. Whether we are advising busy professionals, executives, weekend warriors, athletes, one-on-one, or remote clients we recognize that every person has a different starting point and a different destination. Whether you’re starting out or looking to maximize your fitness performance, the OPP Method will help you become fitter, healthier, and happier.

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OPP Fitness can help you reach and maintain optimal personal performance.


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Jay is such an important part of my life. It was Jay who I worked with to transform my life! He inspired, motivated and coached me throughout my weight loss of over 100 pounds. He not only encouraged me to get stronger by building muscle, but he was committed to helping me change my eating habits and achieve my goals. I will forever be grateful to Jay. Even to this day he continues to send me texts to check in on me. I am also proud to say that is it almost two years since I have lost my weight and it is still gone and I continue to live a healthy lifestyle.

Maria K, Independent Accounting Professional