Virtual Training: Get Back to Your Physical Prime

COVID has changed the landscape of many businesses, and the fitness industry is no exception. While many may not have considered remote, video-based personal training, the convenience of fitness from home allows clients to meet more frequently and add in wellness coaching and injury recovery. Now that we’ve all gone to virtual bootcamp for the last few months, the second wave of rebuilding physical health using this infrastructure of virtual training will expand access to personal training. I encourage adaptations that promote wellness for those who will continue to work from home (i.e. stand on an Airex pad while using a standing desk converter).

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Virtual training, which comes in all shapes and sizes can be a great option as we wait for fitness facilities to fully open. It can help to keep people connected with their fitness goals and create accountablity that will go beyond the COVID lockdown. Book a free phone session to see if virtual training is a good fit for you.


Jay is a high-energy, creative, challenging personal trainer. Anyone who hires him is lucky to have his enthusiasm and expertise. I strongly recommend Jay.

Lisa S, Professor